Learning to be Able!

House of Grace School for Deaf is meant for deaf children. The school opened exactly on 15th September, 2008. At the moment there are about 100 deaf children in the school. At the moment there are classes up to SHS 1.

The vision of the school is to provide an opportunity for a deaf child to learn a language - Sign language and written English. Through the language the child gets an opportunity to communicate with other people and a possibility to learn.

The aim of the school is also to create a better future for the deaf children through the education so that they have an opportunity to be employed as adults and become equal members of the society with the hearing people. House of Grace School for Deaf is well placed to promote positive image about deafness in Ghana.

House of Grace School for Deaf - anthem

"Jesus, thank You for the school we share.
 Thank You for good food and for good care.
 Help us, Jesus, always grow in love.
 Give us Your Grace from above.

 Thank You for the Teachers, Lord, we pray.
 Thank You for the Friends we meet each day.
 Lord, You always give us what we need.
 Send us Your Peace as a seed.

 Jesus, bless all people, big and small.
 Bless our Families, you love them all.
 Bless each little girl and each little boy.
Jesus, fill this school with joy."

Anna-Mari Kaskinen

House of Grace School for Deaf Kokrobite road Ap/b/49 Aplaku
Postal address: AN 12855 Accra tel. 024 9016166 hofgrace@gmail.com

Facebook: House of Grace School for Deaf